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Purpose and Scope:

The main purpose of our company's human resources policy is to increase the satisfaction and efficiency of our employees and to provide a fair, respectful and reliable working environment. This policy covers all employees, managers and company management.

Training and Development:

We organize training programs and offer career paths to encourage the continuous development of our employees. Our main goal is to support every employee to maximize their potential.

Performance Evaluation:

Performance evaluations carried out at certain periods are used to determine employees' strengths and areas that need improvement. Performance evaluations are based on the principles of fairness and transparency.

Employee Satisfaction and Communication:

Open communication keeps employees informed about company goals and expectations. We listen to feedback, adopt solution-oriented approaches and prioritize employee satisfaction.

Without compromising our values, we continue to provide you with professional and quality service in many fields in order to sustain our existence and strengthen our strength with our brands in the developing and changing world conjuncture.
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